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Ragdoll Kittens For Sale

Ragdoll kittens for sale offer you a special pet cat that you'll be sure to love.

Ragdolls are very special cats, their affectionate and welcoming temperament being its best attribute. There are a few things to think about that can save you a lot of time and heartache when browsing Ragdoll kittens for sale. You want to believe that everyone has the animal and your best interest at heart but even buying from a breeder can have its challenges. Equipped with the right information, you can be matched with the perfect feline companion.

Ragdoll kittens are one of the most desired breed and for good reason, they are very warm and a delight to have around. Buying a Ragdoll can be a bit tricky and potentially frustrating, so be very careful where you get your kitten from. The internet is full of sites and classified ads boasting adorable Ragdoll kittens for sale but exercise due diligence and watch for the subtle signs of a not so reputable breeder.

The first question to ask is if the Ragdoll kitten for sale is a purebred, if that is what you are expecting. It’s important to specify that you want a purebred right up front. The occasional breeder may be cross-breeding with a different breed of cat to get unique patterns and colors. Ragdolls are only completely purebred when they are at least four generations away from any cross bred cat.

The term breeder does not necessarily mean they have the important credentials that every reputable breeder has. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and walk away from a breeder empty handed. You deserve to purchase a kitten that is healthy and relatively well adjusted. If you decide to use the grown feline for show, a registered and healthy purebred is even more important.

If the individual has their Ragdoll kittens for sale a lot cheaper than most then ask why that is. It could be that they ended up with more kittens then they could handle and need to sell them off or it could mean you’re not exactly getting what you think is a purebred and healthy feline. Possibly they are a new breeder and want to attract customers to build up their reputation. A registered purebred Ragdoll kitten will cost anywhere between $800 and $1400. If you would like breeding rights the price is about $1000 more.

Look for a Ragdoll kitten that is older than 12 weeks of age. You will want the kitten to have built up its immune system and have at least one of its shots. Also the kittens need to be fully socialized. Anyone selling a kitten too early is merely trying to save on costs like food, litter and immunizations. Examine the Persian kittens for sale by the individual for any signs of illness or distress before you take one home. The kitten should be spunky, curious and comfortable even when people are nearby.

Start looking online at one or more of the many directories. The Ragdoll Connection Network has a very informative site at They have pictures, product reviews, chatting and conferencing boards as well as a breeder referral service. Their breeders listed are all registered with TICA, The International Cat Association and have agreed to take the time to talk to any potential cat owner to answer questions and inquiries. The individual links will take you to the sites where the particular breeder has Persian kittens for sale.