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Persian Kittens For Sale

Persian kittens for sale are special cats available in black, white, chocolate, cream, and other colors.

Persian kittens and cats are one of the most easily recognized and adored breed. Besides being adorable, these timid creatures are loving and very faithful animals with a typically calm disposition that make them a suitable for people of any age group. There are some standard places to find Persian kittens for sale like pet stores, breeders and animal shelters or animal adoption agencies. Before you purchase any animal there are some important things to know and watch for.

Usually anyone who wants to own a pet will visit the pet store in their city but this may not be the wisest decision. Pet stores often purchase their animals from a kitten mill, which is similar to a puppy mill where animals are bred in large masses for profit. If a purebred Persian kitten is what you are looking for then a store isn’t the best bet. Although many reputable breeders post ads online, so do the backyard breeders. These breeders keep large quantities of animals in not so favourable conditions and will try to sell unregistered kittens as purebreds.

There are ways to tell if you are dealing with and irresponsible or unethical breeder. For instance, the breeder will be more interested in the price of the Persian kitten for sale or not very knowledgeable about the breed. Not letting you into the area in which they keep the kittens is a tell-tale sign.

There are thousands of Google listings showing sites that have Persian kittens for sale. Most of them will be classified ads where anyone can advertise. When browsing these ads look for a website address in the listing as most quality breeders will have a professional looking website. They will be full of information about themselves and their Persian kittens for sale. They may even note on their site that they belong to a particular breed club which is great sign that you are getting a healthy, purebred kitten.

Don’t rule out the Humane Society or your local animal shelter to find a Persian kitten for sale. It is possible that a Persian kitten had been dropped off due to the owner’s inability to keep the animal or someone who is stuck with a large litter. You may not get the papers that come with a purebred but the shelter will have already looked the kitten over, given it the shots it needs and possibly spayed or neutered it.

Persians come in a few different types, colors and patterns like tabby, silver, golden and doll face. Their markings, face structure and color will determine the price. Persians in a solid chocolate or lavender color are called Kashmir. Kittens with a Siamese pattern are known as Himalayans. Most Persian kittens generally sell for between $400 and $600 but the exotic types of Persian kittens will sell for over double those prices.

Search online for Persian kittens for sale but before you consult the classifieds, check out the various breed club websites for listings of good breeders to find your perfect Persian friend and companion. Persians require a serene home environment and regular maintenance to keep their coat in good condition.  Before bringing your new friend into your home, make all the necessary purchases such as a bed, water and food dish and a collar. Find a reputable groomer and veterinarian in your area.