Adopt a kitten for your home

Kitten Training

Kitten training for you baby cat includes litter and potty training, as well as behavior control.

Adopting a kitten is a great way to add a new pet to your home, that the entire family will absolutely adore.  But they are also huge commitments in terms of time and money, over the course of their lifetime.  For that reason, you’ll have to be prepared for the commitment.  Also, you’ll want to have the proper kitten training knowledge, so that you can better prepare your cat for regular life.  That means everything from exercise, to litter box training, as well as even getting your cat to stay away from scratching your furniture in favor of a scratching post.  The right type of kitten training is essential so that your cat won’t become a hassle, or a headache.

One of the most basic aspects of kitten training is always going to be identifying the litter box.  In most cases, your cat should already be trained in how to use a litter box, from the time that your kitten spent with it’s mother.  That means you won’t have to worry about actually finding a way to get your cat to use the box, but rather, ensuring that your cat knows where the litter box is.  For that reason, when you first get your new pet home, the first  kitten training step should be to put the cat in the litter box.  This way, they know exactly where their space is, so that they can return there once nature calls.

Something else that you’ll need to account for, and a big part of kitten training, is exercise.  Cats need a lot of exercise to maintain proper health, and a good fitness level.  This will ensure a healthy cat for years to come, and will also mean a better quality of life for your pet all throughout their lifetime.  That means you want to have a lot of toys on hand, whether you have items that can be rolled or thrown around, or simply a few things that can be dangled like string, for your kitten to chase.  This is important, as every cat needs regular play, and your kitten will require a lot so that they can grow up healthy.

But perhaps one of the most vital aspects of kitten training is getting them to focus on their scratching post, instead of the furniture.  This is important, as avoiding having your cat’s claws removed is the best decision.  This procedure is extremely traumatic and painful for your pet, so it should be avoided at all costs.  Instead, buy a scratching post that features a toy on the end, so that they will be attracted to that surface.  Or you can even try sprinkling some catnip over the post, so that it carries a scent that cats really love.  This way, you are instilling the right kitten training to start your pet on scratching the post, and only the post, so that your couch and chairs stay in pristine condition.

You can find all the kitten training supplies you need from any pet store.  Plus, there they will also have other essential items like books and even videos that can help you train your cats for the better.  This way you find the kitten training supplies you need to form a healthy bond with your pet.