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Kitten Nutrition

The optimal kitten nutrition consists of a healthy diet of food for your feline to ensure the best cat possible.

When it comes to practicing the proper kitten nutrition habits for your pet, the decision about which food to buy can actually be a fairly difficult one.  Not all types of cat food are created equal, and you’ll want to find a type that’s guaranteed to meet your stringent nutritional standards.  The world of cat food is filled with types that promise health benefits, when really they contain more filler than actual nutrients.  Finding the best food to meet your kitten nutrition standards isn’t always easy, but is worth the effort to find a food that really is good for them.

Many pet owners purchase foods that don’t provide great kitten nutrition without even knowing it.  This is because so many different types of cat foods claim to be providing several health benefits, when they really don’t provide that many at all.  You may find that your cat seems sluggish, or just not as playful as you may have expected, and a lot of the time that has to do directly with the type of food that you are feeding them.  The only way to ensure that you provide the kitten nutrition that your pet needs, is to know how to read a cat food label so that you can determine the benefits that it provides.

The most important thing is ensuring that your cat gets enough protein as well as fat.  This is especially vital when it comes to kitten nutrition.  As your cat is growing rapidly, they need protein to build muscle, but they also need fat to gain weight with their rapidly changing body.  For that reason, you want to ensure that any cat food you choose has a minimum of at least 30% lean healthy protein, and 20% fat.  This way, you can ensure your kitten gets exactly what it needs to stay healthy, all throughout their development process.

Another important factor to consider is the amount of filler that’s used in the composition of your cat’s food.  You’ll find that a lot of kitten nutrition benefits are lost because too much water is added, which just allows the food to have more weight.  For this reason, you’ll want to look at the label, and keep your eyes peeled for the reciprocal of moisture content.  This is the percentage of food that is not water, and it’s important that you find as high a percentage as possible.  The lower the percentage, the less nutrition your cat gets per serving, and that means they would have to eat more food just to get the nutrition that they need.

The best places to really help with kitten nutrition are always going to be pet stores.  Pet specific retailers are always going to be your best bet when you’re looking for the best possible food to provide for your animals.  Through retailers like Petco and Pet Smart you can find any type of pet food you could possibly need to provide for the healthy kitten nutrition you need to keep your pet active and healthy.  Plus they have knowledgeable staff that can help you choose the perfect food, even if you don’t quite know how to read a label.