Adopt a kitten for your home

Dogs Up For Adoption

Dogs up for adoption, as well as puppies, are widely available for rescue.

Dog adoption is an exciting and rewarding process. Millions of dogs up for adoption are waiting in rescue and pet shelters for a loving person or family to take them home. You can help a homeless pet get a second chance by choosing them but it isn’t a decision you should take lightly. Adopting a dog is a big decision that takes some research and thought, after all you will have the animal for most of its, and possibly your life.

Research the different breeds and their particular characteristics. Go to reputable websites or directories to locate local or nearby animal and rescue shelters. Look for signs that they have good credentials and care policies. Poor living conditions mean the dogs could be sick and disease ridden or have been neglected somewhat and now have poor social skills as a result. Whether or not you have your sights set on a particular breed, visit your local shelters and learn about size, grooming needs and their typical temperament. Keep in mind your home environment should be suitable for the size and activity level of the dog you choose.

When you find a good shelter with dogs up for adoption, ask if they have special days set aside for looking at the dogs and if you can spend one-on-one time with them or take them for a walk. Also talk to a staff member that deals with the animal on a regular basis about its personality. Your future companion should be a good match for you and your family. A reasonable adoption fee should be around $100 to $200 depending on whether the animal has had all its shots and has been spayed or neutered. This would be something else to ask the staff.

Rescue shelters that foster animals out are another good option. These dogs have most likely been sent to be cared for by individuals in their homes who attend to their needs one on one. Shelter dogs are kept in rows of cages for the duration of their stay and may be a bit timid or unhappy. Regardless, take note of the demeanour of the dogs up for adoption. Do they wag their tails and make an effort to come toward you or do they lay motionless or scurry into the corner? Neither of those are a good sign you’re getting a healthy, well adjusted dog.

Most organizations with ask you to fill out an application which is done to ensure the animal is going to a good home. There may be a short waiting period if the dog has had some recent surgery or medical procedure. Ask the shelter what is included with the adoption fees and if there is any support for the period of time immediately after adoption.

Finding the perfect furry friend from the ever growing population of dogs up for adoption can be very rewarding for both dog and owner. Your dog will be a loyal companion, constantly offering unconditional love to you and anyone close to you. Make your home an inviting place for your new friend. Give him time to adjust to his surrounding and care for him well.