Adopt a kitten for your home

Dog Adoption Centers

Dog adoption centers and shelters offer a great way for you to rescue a free dog or puppy.

Adopting an animal can be a perfect choice for those who love animals. The benefits of using dog adoption centers to find your perfect animal far outweighs buying one from the store. Not only is it less expensive but you will have the opportunity to choose from many dogs of different sizes, personalities and breeds. The animals will most likely be spayed or neutered and given required vaccinations which you would have to do yourself otherwise.

The main mission of dog adoption centers is to ensure the pets find loving individuals or families who are capable and ready to care for their new family member. The center staff will meet with you to find out what type of dog you are looking for and help you decide which animal is the right fit for you and your lifestyle. The future home environment will have a huge impact. Smaller and less active dogs will bet best for apartment dwellers and home owners can choose from almost any dog.

The center will have a large mix of different dogs, mostly crossed breeds. Small or large, long or short hair, lap dogs to high energy, the sky is the limit. Maybe you want a timid pet to cuddle up with or perhaps you need a vivacious running partner. There is no end to the possibilities so give your self lots of time set aside for a visit or perhaps multiple visits.

If you are looking for a purebred dog you may be hard pressed to find one at a dog adoption center, although anything is possible. Don’t limit your self to purebreds as there are advantages to cross breeds. Mixed bred dogs tend to be a lot more hearty and healthier than their purebred cousins. They tend to have a better temperament than purebreds and adjust easier to a new household.

Once you’ve decided on your perfect pet, the dog adoption centers will go through a screening process with you. They will ask you to fill out a short application and review all of the needs and requirements of having your pet. Their main focus is finding the best possible home for the many animals they care for. It should be good to know that as an animal lover, the center has the canine’s best interests in mind.

The dog adoption center may ask that you pick up the dog at later date if they have had any recent medical procedures or treatments. If the animal hasn’t been spayed or neutered they will refer you to a veterinarian that will do the procedure. A care package may be sent home outlining the animals known medical history, emotional and physical traits as well as animal care.

Adoption fees will range from between $60 to $150 depending on what the dog needed when it was received by the shelter and if it has had its shots. To find a local dog adoption center, check your phone directory or ask a veterinarian or nearby dog club. has a wealth of information and an advance search system along with sections on breed information and training tips. Search for dogs by breed and location to get a listing of the available animals ready for adoption.