Adopt a kitten for your home

Adopt A Kitten

Adopt a kitten for free and rescue a loving pet cat for your home. All breeds are attainable, as are dogs should they interest you.

If you are thinking about getting a kitten or have already made up your mind, there are a few things to think about and questions to answer. Do you want a male or female kitten? Are you willing to train or would like a kitten that is already house and litter trained? Should you buy or adopt a kitten?  If you decide to adopt there are a few different ways to do so and they have their advantages and disadvantages. Be prepared for the responsibility that lies ahead as adopting an animal is a life-long commitment. Make your decision wisely and do a little research first.

Once you have decided to adopt a kitten you can browse your local classified ads for anyone who is giving away kittens, visit your local Humane Society or adopt a kitten from an animal shelter or animal rescue services. There will be a charge for the kitten unless you find an individual who has been suddenly blessed with a large litter and wants to find homes for them quick. Heed the advice in this article before you adopt a kitten this way. Animals from the Humane Society or animal shelter will most likely be checked over and given any treatments or shots needed. They may even be already spayed or neutered. All of these procedures cost money if you have to do them yourself so weigh your options in all cases.

Be aware that when adopting a kitten from an individual or family, you should ask a lot of questions and go to the home to see the conditions the animal has been living in. You’ll want to know you’re adopting a healthy animal. Poor living conditions may mean you come home with a feline that has a disease or is malnourished. This could result in a host of medical bills for you in the near future. Observe the behaviour of the kitten in their environment and when you come near. Note if they are very active, or withdrawn and lethargic.

Rescue shelter kittens are sometimes in better health as they are fostered to homes of volunteers who offer to take care of them while waiting to be adopted. Chances are good that if you adopt a kitten from a rescue shelter that has been fostered out, they are well socialized with people and may even already be house trained.

If you would prefer to support your local Humane Society or animal shelter you will have plenty of kittens to choose from. Humane Society animals are thoroughly examined by a veterinarian when brought in and treated for any illnesses or injuries. The adoption fee will include the cost of any vaccinations and possibly the fee to have your animal spayed or neutered. Be sure to ask about this before you take one home.

There are many benefits to kitten adoption regardless of where you decide to get your furry friend.  The choice to adopt a kitten is a big one, and giving an existing animal a second chance can be good for the animal and the owner. Prepare your home and the kitten’s personal space to accommodate its needs. Give your new pet lots of love and attention and it will return the favour for years to come.